Monday, March 30, 2009

Alright, I've seen this on a few people's blogs, and I thought it looked like fun, so I'm doing's supposed to be 100 things I want to do in my lifetime, but I only have a little above 50, so I'll be adding as I think of more things. My objective is to make a post anytime I complete one of these.

1. Take Calculus
2. Get my Driver's License
3. Buy a car
4. Visit another continent
5. Go on a cross-country trip
6. Go to Disney World
7. Do an internship
8. Pay more than $100 on a present for someone other than myself
9. Get so moved by what Christ did for me on the cross, that I cry
10. Meet, and talk with a Deaf person in Sign Language
11. Get a white suit
12. Make a purchase at JoS. A. Bank
13. Go thrift shopping with a group of friends, and buy something totally awesome
14. See Wicked on Broadway
15. Try out for American Idol
16. Finish writing an entire song
17. Go on a vacation with a friend
18. Purchase a decent camera
19. Use our universal gym consistently for at least a year
20. Convert someone to Christ
21. Invite and take someone to church
22. Get private voice lessons
23. Go to an island for a vacation
24. Speak in tongues
25. Witness someone prophecy about something, and then see that something come true
26. Paint a large painting just for fun
27. Post a video on YouTube
28. Finish making my rug that I started when I was about 8
29. Read through every book of the Bible
Check! 30. Wear something pink in public
31. Be in a wedding party
32. Have a professional picture shoot
33. Sing on stage on Sunday
34. Listen through every song on my ipod...all 8000!
35. Find an alarm clock that is able to wake me up each morning and keep me up
36. Collect an entire jug full of loose change
37. Ride a dolphin
38. Go scuba diving
39. Go on a cruise
40. Get an ear pierced
41. Meet a celebrity that I've heard of
42. Win a contest from an organization
43. Write a book
44. See a pre-screening of a movie
45. Audition for a movie cast
46. Grow taller than Caleb
Check! 47. Get a flickr page Click here for post.
48. Finish my state quarter collection
49. Graduate high-school
50. Graduate college with a degree
51. Grow some sort of facial hair...preferably a circle beard
52. Learn to play the accordion
53. Learn to play the guitar
54. Be completely fluent in a language other than English
55. Get baptized


  1. Wow Sean! You want to do a lot! They all sound like a lot of fun! Hope ya finish them all!

  2. You are NOT, under any circumstances short of instant death, allowed to get your ear pierced! Oh my gosh, is that a scary thought!!! Ugh.

  3. i want to get my ear pierced too... i doubt it will ever happen though...

  4. DUDE! Do you want to remain single your whole life??? That would be like, number 10 on my list... :D

  5. I'd be more than happy to let you fulfill your dream number 8 for me... you know something really expensive, trust me, I'd be glad to serve you in that way.
    If you do 13, bring me. please.
    Number 20 is like the top of my list:) and 25 would be amazing.
    please don't do 30 and yes, I would not totally mind if you did 40 some day, I've gotten used to the idea and it wouldn't be that bad.
    and for 46, keep dreaming little dude!

    :) Sissy.

  6. Kevin, I originally had that on my list, but it sounds too presumptuous...after all, what if God decides he doesn't want me to get married. I just decided that that probably would be the best thing to have up there...

  7. umm... i would like to point out that that was only 50.

  8. Divo, just remember that you can not convert anyone. GOD ALONE can do that. Your job is to simply be available to be used by him for his glory. And then celebrate with the angels. :)

    Speaking of which - how does getting an ear pierced reflect God's glory? How would it lead other people to view you? As someone who is different in that they are fine with leaving their ears alone, or as different in that they say they go to church, but have an ear pierced?

    And you have sung on a stage on a Sunday - you've actaully done that a number of times. :) Joseph, SummerCelebration practice, THG...

    And sorry if I sound judgemental about the ear piercing. That is something I disagree with (alot) and it's hard to express polite disagreement on the internet. :)

  9. Sean PLEASE do not get your ears pierced!!!!! I totally ditto Caiti.

  10. But Sean, everything depends on what God plans... So that whole list is "too presumptuous?" I mean, if God doesn't plan it, it ain't gonna happen.
    I personally don't really see anything wrong with ear-piercing. I mean, it's like fashion, something that God has put there for us to imitate him as designers and for us to enjoy.
    And personally Caiti, I don't think you sounded judgmental. :D

  11. wow. i have done 16 of them...
    but i have not conquered 35 yet!
    i don’t think its possible... :]
    def do 39! it is sooooooo fun!
    especially with people you like! ;]
    i should make one of those lists...