Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ok, so Cody and I went to the Linn's to play Wii (an on-going battle between Jo-jo and Cody with Wii boxing), and for me and Jo-jo to make dinner. This post is about how NOT to make a meal, and have it turn out anyways!!

  • Have both people come from play practice or trash pick up (preferably both) so that they are very tired
  • Have a recipe (like Broccoli and Cheddar Soup), that doesn't even call for all the ingredients (like broccoli), so you have to make up amounts
  • Have one person who is already on the brink of histarics and waiting for an opportunity to break out laughing uncontrolably
  • Make plenty of mistakes, some of which could include:
Forget to saute your onions and add the flour, so that the bottom can easily burn
Putting in not enough broccoli
Putting in frozen cheese so that it won't melt all the way, leaving chewy, strange lumps in the soup
Because you have already followed the step about histarics, have that person crack up laughing over nothing while pouring the chicken broth into the pan so that it almost spills on the other person
  • Then serve, and have everyone enjoy the strange, but delicious, meal!!!!


  1. hmmmm....I'm wondering who was the one in sounds like fun :)

    Okay, I'm laughing really hard right now:)

    That was SO fun! And, I love how no names are put on any of the mistakes:)
    You forgot to add
    ~Make sure a trusty friend is there so if you don't know what a cooking term means, they will save the day
    ~Ummm... the broth did spill on that person
    ~Make sure you tell a story and interrupt it more than a half a dozen times so the same story is being told the entire meal process
    ~Don't ever name your snake buddy and tell your friend while they are trying to dish out ice-cream

    FUN times! And, you didn't put a picture with the post... oh, well, I forgive you.


    P.S. You forgot to tell everyone that I totally beat you in boxing...;)

  3. You only beat me after I totally creamed you in like 5 seconds!!

  4. that didn't count! I've done it to other people before and I don't let it count...
    You may have sort of one that time, but I totally beat you the second time:)

  5. Wow. That's all I can say guys... :)

  6. LOL!!!!! you guys are hilarious!!!

  7. Ooooh wow. Remind me to investigate anything you cook, Sean. :-)
    I'm curious (as always....) Which one was in hysterics? I'm guessing Jo-Jo, but that's a shot in the twilight (not quite dark.)

  8. yeah, just maybe jo-jo.....considering the fact that she's always at least somewhat in histarics!! :P

  9. Little Dude, no way... my in hysterics... And, I'm still laughing about last night!

    And, were you up at 4:44 or do you need to fix your clock!!!