Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for. I had to take a break from posting during the past few weeks because I was so busy, but here's the long-awaited zoo trip blog post. It's long, but it's mostly pictures! (Captions are below the pictures)

So, a few weeks ago, Cody, Caleb, John and I went to the zoo for fun. We went around and looked at animals, and did the entire trip without an adult.

Haha, even though this was the last picture, I didn't really want to finish with it, and it sets the mood for the whole trip: HILARIOUS!!! This lady was sleeping in the Metro and I thought she was pretty funny...

Here's a bunch of the animals we saw. This one was something like a dog-bear. Very shaggy looking...(kind of like Josh's hair....jk)

This was an enormous rat!!! (but really cute looking, kind of like a guinea pig)

This tortoise was really funny. The sign said that it just keeps its mouth open like this until a fish (must be a really stupid one) comes through and he just closes his mouth and eats it! It was just posing like this the entire time we were there!

This part was hilarious. I saw the animal in the cage, and I was like "Oh, we just learned about these in science. They're extremely rare, and barely ever seen." Then Caleb was like "look at the sign Sean". I realized that the book was talking about a certain kind of blue one.

A picture of all four of us, with John being his usual happy, smiling self! :D

Every time we got to one of these signs, we started singing "One Way Jesus" with the dance moves. So fun (and I had fun with the editing too)

Ok, so on our way home, we tried to get to a different Metro station than the one we came in on. If we had done it right, it would have been downhill the entire way. However, nobody had a map on us, so we decided to just risk it and see where we came up. It was about an extra hour or so walking, but it was worth it!! We came across some beautiful but slightly strange neighborhoods on the way. Here's some pictures of some of the strange things that we saw. (Occasional PC goes to Cody)

This house was just plain weird. They must be some new-age sort of decorators because their decorating made ZERO sense. Although, some of the stuff was really fun, and very cool!

Ok, still trying to figure this one out. I think it's a shrine of sorts...whatever, it was very strange, and right by the sidewalk!!!

This random little building, or whatever it was, was just randomly painted like this! How fun!? Right in the middle of a city/suburb (really strange mix I know)

After a very long time, asking many people who all had us go a different way, and missing many stations, we finally saw a Metro bus, and we figured that if we followed it, we could find a station. Sure enough, we did end up finding it. We had to celebrate by getting a picture in front of the station.

If you look at the map, you can see that we were supposed to get out of the zoo and go right to the Zoo station. It was just a few blocks away. Instead, we got to the Columbia Heights station on the yellow-line.

Well, even though we got lost, it was totally worth it!! I am so glad we did, because we got to see the coolest places that we never would have found by ourselves!


  1. Wow. Wierd house...cool pix...

    and about the metro thing...yeah...good job there...:) :) you have talent!

  2. THe tortoise looks like he's trying to eat you... Haha..

    I bet those people with the crazy house just adore having the most colorful house on the block. My mom would cringe at all the attention that place probably gets!

    My little brother has that orange hat Caleb was wearing... I'm guessing that means it's a Cowboys hat. Of course :)

  3. i want that tricycle post thing in my room!! funness...

  4. Wow. I love how you have only two pictures with people in them... see, if it were girls it would be only one picture of the animals and the rest of the people who went:)
    And, as for that house, can you say amazing! I would NEVER do that to my house, but it's hilarious!
    And, you guys, and the metro... priceless.
    We should go as a big group of friends this summer... Have our parents drop us off at the metro and then party! (cuz the zoo's free!)

    the end.


  5. um can you take pictures of random people in the metro like that?

  6. well, I don't think I can get arrested for it, if that's what you mean...but what can I say...I like people watching with cameras....i just try not to let them know (as long as I didn't know, I wouldn't mind other people taking pictures of me)

  7. haha Jo your comment made me smile :)
    nice pictures. looks like you had fun. welcome back to the blogger world, sean, we all thought you were dead =P

  8. Ohmigosh, an otter! Dude, how can you not make a comment on those things? Otters are amazing!