Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was my good friend, Caleb,'s birthday yesterday. This post is an honor to his 17 years:

1. He's a solid Christian. He tries to honor God in everything he does.
2. He loves people! And as such, he respects all people, regardless of their age.
3. He loves to have friends over and party.
4. He loves his little sibling's and takes care of them all the time.
5. He is very chivalrous to girls, and honors them before himself.
6. He's got some of the coolest parents ever, and he respects their imput into his life.
7. He's so generous with his money. He's always willing to buy, lend, and get things for people.
8. He has no fear of man which leads to some pretty awesome times together! (GO HANNAH MONTANA!!!)
9. He's creative! He thinks up thoughtful things to get people and to bless them.
10. He's hilarious! He always thinks up funny (and not so funny) jokes to make the occasion fun!
11. He's dedicated to his state (Texas) and does all sorts of fun with it!
12. He's tall! Some day, I want to be taller than him!
13. He's steadfast in going after things of the Lord, from going to Manskool, to reading extra books, and more!
14. He's a servant by helping to clean up after things, give things up, move his schedule around someone else's, and more!
15. He's humble in giving correction, and recieving it!
16. He's willing to try things even if he's not good at them.
17. He's an amazing friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Yeah Vader, I agree with all that Sean said.
    (you should be ashamed of number 11 though!)
    Grateful for your friendship... old man.

  2. Rock on, Caleb! You are so funny and Godly and just an all around good friend. Keep being tall!

  3. I concur, and I don't blame you for being lovin' the Republic of Texas (although I haven't a drop of Texan blood in me...)
    Yes, like David said, keep being tall. Otherwise, it'd indicate that you lost something. Like legs, a foot, your head (oh, wait...) :-)
    Happy un-birthday,Vader!